That title is fairly misleading.
  1. Jacob Hogard (of Hedley)
    Circa 2003: I was working at McDonald's and I recognized him, but wasn't a fan, so was just acting normal taking his order. Then when it came time to pay he goes, "oh. Don't you know who I am?" Like what?!? You're at McDonald's! I told him I didn't know who he was. He paid. He left. Riveting.
  2. Will Sasso
    Circa 2003: saw him jogging on the pier in White Rock. Did not attempt to contact because I'm a scaredy cat.
  3. AJ McLean (of the BSB)
    2005: We spoke on the phone, does that even count? I honestly can't remember what he even said to me. I just said 'I love you' repeatedly.
  4. Chad Kroeger (of Nickelback)
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    Circa 2007. Full disclosure, I was a Nickelback fan at the time. Met him at a nightclub called Mirage in Surrey, which is not that far from downtown Vancouver. Why was he slumming it so hard? It was strange. I got a picture with him and he squeezed me really tight around my waist. I had to reactivate my Facebook to find this picture, YOU'RE WELCOME.