I was weird
  1. Hair twirling
    Into v bad tangles that would have to be cut out
  2. Constant nail biting
    You can't slow me down "gross" tasting nail polish!
  3. Wearing a bathing suit at home for like year
    I also wore it under my clothes if I could get away with it.
  4. Pants really weren't for me
    Jeans were 100% not for me
  5. Crazy high expectations for myself
    If I made a mistake on my letters (as in learning how to make a B), even if it was my last one on the page, it was violently ripped up.
  6. Stupid Jar
    Like a swear jar except only for when I called myself stupid.
  7. Rarely participated in sleepovers
    Sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings without my parents? Pass.
  8. Hid the fact that I had asthma at ANY cost
    This was just stupid and dangerous. Fuck you elementary school kids who associate an inhaler with weakness and nerdiness! Also, fuck you movies that contain these associations!
  9. Picky eater.
    Everything PLAIN. I was not a fan of condiments, I still hate mayo with a fiery passion.
  10. Had my first panic attack at two and a half
    I was in the hospital at the time and panic seems like an appropriate reaction to not being able to breathe.
  11. Terrified of getting in trouble
    I was so paranoid about making a mistake (in literally ANY situation) and the subsequent punishment that was sure to follow. I was always worried.
  12. I learned to read at three
    Which would be cooler if my youngest sister hadn't learned to read at three, BY HERSELF. My mum thought she had just memorized all her books, so bought a new book to test her.