Those little things that that make you go fuuuuck 😒
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    When you are in the middle of singing a v intense ballad in your car and the music cuts out and you actually hear your own singing voice at full volume.
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    Waving to someone who is not waving at you.
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    Waving at someone and them ignoring you
    Why do they hate me?!?!
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    "Are you sick?"
    Don't. I'm clearly just really fucking tired and you are being a huge bitch.
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    Saying hi to a person you think is your sisters brother in law but it turning out to be a stranger.
    This one might just apply to me. Unforgettable
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    When you are SURE about something and then you are proved wrong
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    Honking at someone when you shouldn't have.
    Example: they are stopped at a crosswalk where someone is crossing.. God damnit I suuuuuck!!!
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    Wardrobe malfunctions
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    Walking into things while looking at my phone
    Shit. Was anyone watching?!?
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    "New number who dis?"
    Bye world!!!
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    When automatic doors won't sense you so they either don't open, or they close on you as if you don't exist
    Before I would have said I definitely exist but, now I'm not so sure...
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    Falling down. And falling up.
    This is how the universe brings you down a peg or two.
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    When people pretend not to remember you.
    Why are you doing this to me?!?
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    When you look at yourself at the end of a long day
    Have I looked like this all day??
    Suggested by @erinrose
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    When you know EXACTLY what you want to say but something happened between your brain and your tongue and all that comes out is "huyyyubnngfghhg"
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
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    When you take out your phone to take a picture of something and then it's on front camera mode and you see yourself. Scary. Confidence majorly declined.
    Suggested by @SharinaWunders
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    Lipstick on teeth and skirts tucked into your underwear
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    You look tiered
    Similar to the sick thing and is one of the rudest things that is constantly said to me
    Suggested by @applesarahgate
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    Piece of food stuck in your teeth after a day of having relatively important conversations. How long has it been there???
    Suggested by @zabsters
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    "You should wear makeup more often!"
    Just 😒
    Suggested by @kait
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    When you try to make a contribution in class and the professor says, "that's an interesting thought...anyone else?"
    Suggested by @mkschulz
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    When you make a joke with new friends/in-laws/co-workers and no one even smiles. Double whammy because one, we aren't as close as I thought we were and/or we are never really going to get along
    Suggested by @colleenpagaard
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    When you Push instead of Pull (or vice versa)
    worse if the doors are clear and the room you are entering is full of people
    Suggested by @nataliepalter