I might. I don't know! Probably not. These are just some thoughts I had while watching the music video for "sorry"
  1. Holy shit I miss dance.
    This doesn't really have anything to do with the Biebs.
  2. This song is def about Selena.
  3. These girls are so badass!!
  4. Do I think he's actually sorry?
    Probably not. He seems like a little shit.
  5. Could I pull off any of these outfits?
    The ying yang 3 piece would look 💯
  6. This song is suuuuper catchy tho.
  7. I wanna get up and dance to it.
  8. I looooove seeing thick thighs.
    Makes me feel better about my own.
  9. Could I pull off timbs?
  10. It's great that I don't actually have to see Bieber in this vid.
    His new haircut is absurd and I refuse to look at it.
  11. Verdict: I don't like Justin Bieber
    But I do like this song and it's dancey video.
  12. Did you guys see his dick?