1. When a dog struts
    You know those dogs that just work it 24/7? And they're always so nonchalant about it! Oh don't mind me just strutting down the runway that is my life!
  2. A commute full of green lights
    Especially, if you are running late. I've had many mornings where I was SURE I was going to be late for work and then the universe is like you know what I'm going to give you a tiny, little break for once.
  3. That first sip of anything when you are very thirsty
    "Aaaahhh that's the stuff!"
  4. A string of amazing songs when you have your music on shuffle
    Rare, but magical when it actually happens. Maybe I should go through my music and delete some songs? No, that would take me foreverrrrr.
  5. Experiencing a bizarre situation with strangers and then all looking at each other like "what in the fuck just happened?" And everyone just nods like yep that was cray.
    Also, funny experiences with strangers, shared with laughter or a knowing eyebrow raise and smile at one another.