Oh you thought that was all of them last time? Nope, not even close. Get ready for your confidence to be shattered!! Part one = HORSES WITH BETTER HAIR THAN ME
  1. Is this even a real colour?! Are there actual diamonds somehow infused in your hair?? This is madness.
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  2. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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    The horse equivalent of a trendy hat.
  3. Ooooooh artsy!
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  4. Mesmerizing.
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  5. Okay this is a baboon I think, but look at that hair!! So much volume and body.
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  6. Whoa there!!
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  7. Salt n pepper-y goodness.
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  8. Are you guys seeing this?!?
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  9. I'm pretty sure this is a unicorn with the horn photoshopped off.
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  10. Hello blunt bangs! That is one thick ass fringe.
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  11. Do you see how many braids this horse has?! God damn magical.
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  12. You may be surrounded by garbage, but your hair looks magnificent!
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  13. Just some slight crimps and a messy bang nbd.
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  14. 👑
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  15. Oooh windswept!
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  16. Even more windswept!
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  17. Is that a pony tail and bangs combo? So fun and flirty!
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  18. This horse is UNDENIABLY,100% magical.
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  19. Oh sweet jesus.
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  20. You are KILLING it!
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  21. I'm done. No more.
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