The reject names.
  1. Roxanne
    My dad wanted this. My mum was 100% against it. Was my dad a huge fan of The Police? Yes.
  2. Justine
    Family friends named their daughter this first.
  3. Janine
    I don't know why they decided against this one. I think my mom just decided she didn't like it enough.
  4. Hailey
    I'm not sure why they decided against this name for me, but they used it for their next child.
  5. Daniel
    If I had been male.
  6. Cordelia
    Inspired by Brideshead Revisited, I suspect.
    Suggested by @katya
  7. Portia
    My dad jokes about almost naming me this but I know he is serious when he says "it's a very nice name"
    Suggested by @hailey
  8. Angus
    Apparently my parents picked my name on their first date because they're psychopaths, but my dad desperately wanted to name me after Angus Young if I was a boy
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  9. Maria
    For the sole purpose of singing "My Maria" constantly to me, their irritated daughter
    Suggested by @annafiedler