You might not and that's totally cool! I will be stoked with whatever it is, unless it physically or emotionally harms me. Don't bully me please.
  1. Books
    New or used. Any genre. Preferably a book you really love and an inscription would be lovely.
  2. Stationary/pens/journal
    Anything to write on or with basically
  3. Anything crafty
    I am not crafty, so having something you made would be very treasured.
  4. Mix cd
    I don't like scream-o or country music.
  5. A letter
    Tell me about yourself!
  6. Mugs
    I drink a lot of tea.
  7. Christmas tree ornament
    It would forever remind me of you! I love getting them as gifts for some reason.
  8. A few things I would prefer not to receive: food, anything religious, cookbooks, or living creatures.