Fears that might only apply to me. Some of these are completely irrational.
  1. Being killed by a falling television.
    The video store is the place I remember first having this fear. I still refuse to walk under older televisions, and walk very quickly under flat screens.
  2. Being killed by a falling traffic light. In my head It would fall JUST as I drove under and crush my skull.
    This fear became an obsession when I was 14. Thankfully, it really isn't much of an issue for me anymore. I still think about it, but it's a rare occurrence.
  3. Losing my toenail in any sort of stubbing/door opening scenario.
    My stomach is in knots and my toes are scrunched up, just writing this.
  4. Having bamboo stuck under my fingernails.
    Clearly I have a thing with nails.
  5. Somehow accidentally dropping my blow dryer or curling iron into the bath.
    The plug is ten feet from the tub and none of the cords are even remotely long enough to reach. The fear persists nevertheless.
  6. Dropping my phone anywhere where it would be impossible to retrieve.
    I death grip my phone if there are: heights, holes, cliffs, storm drains, those grates some roads have, oceans, canyons, wells, lakes, ski lifts, etc. etc.
  7. Falling off high things that have tons of safety measures.
    Ex. Niagra falls, observation decks, tall buildings. Yes I know I would have to physically maneuver past the barriers, but what if someone forces me? Or a railing gives out? Or a safety measure malfunctions? V irrational.
  8. Being flung from a roller coaster
    I have a hard time going on any roller coaster unless it is at Disneyland. My reasoning is that if I were to die at Disneyland, my family would prob get a huge settlement. If I ever need a reminder of how scary rides can be, I simply do a little research on six flags deaths! Fun!!!!
  9. The garbage disposal in our sink turning on by itself when my hand is in there retrieving something.