A few summers ago I worked reception at a construction company and spent 75% of my time internet-ing. This is the shit that haunts me.
  1. Elisa Lam and the elevator video
    I had nightmares for a week after all the web sleuthing/video analysis I read and watched.
  2. Stories of kids who died from being locked inside vehicles on hot days.
    An expert wrote about the worst case she had experienced and I honestly can't even bring myself to type it out. A soul crushing image I think about far too often.
  3. Sylvia Likens and other children murdered at the hands of GARBAGE parents/caregivers
  4. Murderpedia
    You sensing a theme here? Death, death, and more death!!
  5. 9/11 jumper videos and photos
    Oh jesus I deserve to be scarred for this one.