I strongly identify with these expressive creatures.
  1. These are my reactions when someone actually calls my phone.
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    L: disbelief C: disgust R: horror re the voicemail they just left
  2. Why are they so incredibly disappointed??
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    I've never felt worse about my life choices.
  3. Watch your fucking back.
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    Do you two have weapons? I'm v nervous.
  4. Oh no please continue. This story is riveting.
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  5. Hello. Do you see this majestic photo of me? Okay good.
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    *gollum voice
  7. What did you really expect when a dog got behind the wheel?
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  8. Pretending to enjoy activities
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    Yes. This hammock is great. Super great. I love it.
  9. Get this fuckboi outta my face!!
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  10. FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!
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