Don't argue with me on this.
  1. This boss bitch
    Legit my first ever Barbie
  2. Oh hell yes gymnast Stacie!!
    Not only did she come with uneven bars, this boss Barbie was bendy as shit!
  3. Just a simple girl, with a beautiful blowout, hanging with her whale.
  4. Wow wow wow.
  5. Oh man!! Barbie's on vacayyyyy!!
  6. THE Queen
  7. I mean... COME ON
  8. I honestly can still hear that boom box in my head and it is hella danceable.
  9. You are a gift from God mermaid Barbie.
  10. Hey girrrrrrl!
  11. This is all about those bad ass roller blades. They sparked!! Added bonus of fanny pack, knee pads, and bomb ass earrings.
  12. Yes! Yes! Yes!
  13. 80s hula greatness
  14. I know this term is overused but...SQUAD
  15. The only Ken that matters