Don't argue with me on this.
  1. This boss bitch
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    Legit my first ever Barbie
  2. Oh hell yes gymnast Stacie!!
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    Not only did she come with uneven bars, this boss Barbie was bendy as shit!
  3. Just a simple girl, with a beautiful blowout, hanging with her whale.
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  4. Wow wow wow.
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  5. Oh man!! Barbie's on vacayyyyy!!
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  6. THE Queen
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  7. I mean... COME ON
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  8. I honestly can still hear that boom box in my head and it is hella danceable.
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  9. You are a gift from God mermaid Barbie.
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  10. Hey girrrrrrl!
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  11. This is all about those bad ass roller blades. They sparked!! Added bonus of fanny pack, knee pads, and bomb ass earrings.
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  12. Yes! Yes! Yes!
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  13. 80s hula greatness
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  14. I know this term is overused but...SQUAD
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  15. The only Ken that matters
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