1)see an article/photo/youtube video/book/tv show etc on topic 2)become obsessed 3)read and watch everything I can on the subject 4)get bored and abandon research (happens at varying stages of research) 5)repeat
  1. Everest
    So many ways to die!!
  2. K2
    Same as Everest but scarier!
  3. Ted Bundy
    I have read Ann Rule's "The Stranger Beside Me" 5+ times and it is 💯
  4. Schizophrenia
    Update on Jani Schofield on Oprahs Next Chapter got me hooked. God I miss Oprah. I hope Oprah gets this app.
  5. Henry the VIII
    This guy!!! I mean how many people do you *really* need to have beheaded? I'm glad we do divorces now instead of this.
  6. Scientology
    Going Clear was really good and the origin story of Scientology is really fucked up.
  7. Conjoined twins
    Another example of an Oprah update sending me into more useless research. I'm not mad Oprah, I could never be mad at you.
  8. Deafness in cats
    I'm adopting a deaf kitten. This is actual useful research! Yayyy! Go Danielle!
  9. 2016 Presidential election
    I'm Canadian so this doesn't really concern me. However, I have two questions I would like answered 1) who would actually vote for Trump? Like in real life, not being ironic whatsoever. 2) will the republicans ever admit they were flat out lying about the planned parenthood tapes??