Once you put something in my car it is guaranteed to stay in there for at least six months. Does not apply to practical items such as my purse, phone, or sunglasses.
  1. A plastic baggie containing pennies, some rolled and some not
    This has been in my car since my husband's grandma gave them to us when we drove her home one time 3 years ago. Why did she give them to us? No idea.
  2. Risk the board game
    It's limited edition and huuuuge.
  3. Clothing
    One pair of dirty socks and a hoodie covered in coffee.
  4. The stuff that makes my car look gross
    SO many receipts and SO many straw wrappers.
  5. Dust!
    Difficult to photograph.
  6. A Starbucks mug I brought back from Mexico
    I got back in April.
  7. A roaster and two large plastic bins
    These are new! Have only been in the trunk since Thanksgiving. V noisy.
  8. An old empty Lululemon gym bag
    I found this in my sister's old closet at our parent's house. I intended on using this! That was probably a year ago.
  9. Goggle lenses
    I don't even know who these belong to.
  10. My personalized Starbucks apron.
    I quit three years ago.