This stuff seems to be stuck for good.
  1. A greatest hits montage of times I really embarrassed myself
    A real joy to watch!
  2. Unbelievable amount of song lyrics
    Especially pop music of the 90's and 00's
  3. Social insurance number
    Wait! I actually need this one!!
  4. My Employee number from like four different jobs
  5. Starbucks recipes AND some customer names and "their" drinks
    I hate this.
  6. The layout of so many malls
    I go there once and I know where everything is if we ever return.
  7. My dad's license plate from ten years ago
  8. Birthdays of people I'm no longer friends with
  9. All phone numbers ever associated with my parents
    Home, cell phones, work
  10. All the lyrics to Raffy songs
    Babyyyyyy belugaaaaaa!
  11. Guilt about v minuscule mistakes
    Like that one time I ran off the stage during a dance competition. I forgot what I was doing and freaked. I really let the team down 16 years ago.
  12. The Macarena
    You are useless to me.
  13. When my memory is TOO good
    Oh hi, nice to meet you person I met once six years ago, how's Hank doing? Hank is their golden retriever who gets into SO much mischief! Hahaha but they have no clue who I am!!
  14. This one scene from an episode of "Jem", where Jem almost falls off a ski lift.
    V unnecessary.
  15. Line dances
    This was honestly the only part of high school physical education that I aced.
  16. Specific pieces of clothing I have lost.
    Usually things that went missing long ago, and I still wonder what happened to them. Are you out there purple and white Roxy sweatshirt I left in some guys car in 2004?!