1. Bare minimum cleaning
    Day to day stuff like putting garbage into the garbage can, loading the dishwasher, and emptying the overflowing garbage. If I'm having a real shitty day, I won't even do this tbh.
  2. Bare minimum cleaning: Passive aggressive subtype
    Doing the bare minimum with the added bonus of me being super pissed about it. I bang things around, slam doors, toss things, mutter to myself, swear, sigh loudly, topped off with a response of "NOTHING" when my husband asks what's wrong.
  3. Bare minimum cleaning: Imminent visitor subtype
    Sped up, panicked version of the bare min PLUS moving baskets of clean laundry, a pile of towels, and multiple pairs of shoes out of the entryway. Includes me going "aaaaaahhhh" with increasing volume as I mad dash around.
  4. UGH, FINE cleaning
    When the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or wherever reaches the point of annoying me with its intense messiness and I have to do a thorough deep clean. Usually fairly chill while doing this job and v happy when I'm done.
  5. Rage cleaning
    Occasionally, I will enter a room and the messiness will just ENRAGE me, and I furiously clean/organize. This usually happens after I've had a shitty day, and my husband does NOT like being in the vicinity during my meltdown. Includes swearing, yelling, slamming, throwing, kicking things out of my way, swiffer-ing so intensely I break the damn thing, etc. Basically, just doing everything in the most aggressive manner possible.
  6. Just put it in the stupid spare room cleaning
    This is just me moving anything that I don't know what to do with into our spare bedroom. It is an absolute nightmare in there. For example there is a treadmill in the room and on top of that treadmill is the following: two fishing poles, fishing overalls, an empty shop vac box, the box our Christmas tree is stored in, and a car exhaust.
  7. Team cleaning
    Every so often my husband and I decide to clean the whole house, he usually cleans the kitchen and living room, while I clean the bathrooms and our bedroom. Neither of us go near the spare room, except to put more shit into it.