Most likely to succeed? Funniest? Best eyes? Class clown? Worst driver? Best style? I am v curious so tell me! Please. I will go first.
  1. Most likely to become the Grinch.
    Real life.
  2. Most athletic
    I haven't worked out in three months. The most athletic thing I've done in he past year is play multiple rounds of golf while drinking a great deal of light beer. ⛳️🍺
    Suggested by @alexkelly0016
  3. Most Opinionated.
    Yup, sounds about right.
    Suggested by @egkeller
  4. Class Clown
    But it should have been "Weirdest."
    Suggested by @paigeparker
  5. Most "unique"
    My mother argued against the grammatical correctness of this. It would appear she was correct:
    Suggested by @sarabethrubin
  6. Nicest eyes.
    And most likely to be on Broadway but they said I couldn't have two. I was okay with getting the cooler one because I was such a loser in high school.
    Suggested by @denisevasquez
  7. Nothing!
    I went to school in Australia and there was no voting of this sort. 😡 But I would guess it would be Most Likely To Cry.
    Suggested by @kaitmaree
  8. Nothing, but...
    I was on yearbook so I know I was nominated by three people for "most friendly"
    Suggested by @sam
  9. Best All Around
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    Suggested by @e
  10. Most Likely To Be Famous
    Don't ask me why because I have no idea.
    Suggested by @kaitlynvella
  11. Most Likely To Be Famous
    This is horribly embarrassing in retrospect. The picture I have in the yearbook of me holding two fake oscars I won from the high school "theatre awards" is really a gem.
    Suggested by @brockbiv
  12. Most talkative 💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻
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    Suggested by @sammyfio
  13. Most Likely To Marry A Rich Man
    Not joking. My school (in the deep south) was sexist as hell. The male equivalent to the award was "most likely to be rich"..
    Suggested by @taner_banana
  14. Most opinionated
    Suggested by @julieuhls