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  1. Wavy lobs.
  2. One-pieces.
  3. Canada.
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Yesterday, I had coffee, a donut, a Bloody Mary, shrimp and grits and ice cream before noon. Here's how today turned out:
  1. 1.
    Black coffee
  2. 2.
    Macchiato cold brew
  3. 3.
    Belgian Bomber from Jo's
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  1. Found a bat in my kitchen.
  2. Panic ensued.
  3. Get bat out, but then the googling begins.
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Ranked in order of worst to not-really-so-bad. List to be expanded thought December.
  1. Merry Matrimony (Hallmark)
    Model pretty ad exec is paired up with her ex-boyfriend (a model pretty photographer who moved to Paris for a job years ago) to plan a holiday-themed bridal feature.
  2. Christmas Cupid (ABC Family)
    More like Ghosts of Ex-Mas Past... High-powered publicist's party girl client dies and visits her with the spirits of her ex-boyfriends to get her to change her selfish, materialistic ways. Nothing to do with Christmas, really, or Cupid. Starring Christina Milian, Chad Michael Murray, Ashley Benson and Jackee.
  3. Ice Sculpture Christmas (Hallmark)
    Rachel Boston is entered by her super hot childhood friend in an ice sculpture contest against her boss. There's also coworker sabotage, father-son struggles, a dead mother, financial advising and multiple love stories.
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In my defense, it was Atomicdust Thanksgiving potluck day.
  1. Fried turkey
  2. Green bean casserole
  3. Cheesy corn casserole
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  1. Relined another shelf of my bookshelf with contact paper (but did not finish it)
  2. Made chili at 10pm
  3. Contributed zero to a 2-hour board meeting
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  1. St. Louis Cardinals
    Because STL.
  2. St. Louis Blues
    Again, because STL. #roarbacon
  3. Mizzou Tigers
    Because college.
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