Ranked in order of worst to not-really-so-bad. List to be expanded thought December.
  1. Merry Matrimony (Hallmark)
    Model pretty ad exec is paired up with her ex-boyfriend (a model pretty photographer who moved to Paris for a job years ago) to plan a holiday-themed bridal feature.
  2. Christmas Cupid (ABC Family)
    More like Ghosts of Ex-Mas Past... High-powered publicist's party girl client dies and visits her with the spirits of her ex-boyfriends to get her to change her selfish, materialistic ways. Nothing to do with Christmas, really, or Cupid. Starring Christina Milian, Chad Michael Murray, Ashley Benson and Jackee.
  3. Ice Sculpture Christmas (Hallmark)
    Rachel Boston is entered by her super hot childhood friend in an ice sculpture contest against her boss. There's also coworker sabotage, father-son struggles, a dead mother, financial advising and multiple love stories.
  4. One Starry Christmas (Hallmark)
    A pretty astronomer travels to New York to surprise her boyfriend, who planned a business trip over the holidays. On the bus, she encounters a handsome cowboy and they, you guessed it, fall in love.
  5. The Christmas Gift (Lifetime)
    Given a notebook from a secret Santa as a child, Michelle Trachtenberg (now a journalist) seeks out the boy who gave it to her... Who is now a super hot adult who runs a charity for foster kids. They fall in love, naturally.
  6. A Gift-wrapped Christmas (Lifetime)
    Lame, corporate (but super hot) single dad hires a personal shopper, who in turn, helps him become a better father and find his holiday spirit. And they fall in love, naturally. (Full disclosure: I only watched the last 20 min but I got the gist.)
  7. Crown for Christmas (Hallmark)
    Basically Au Pair or Sound of Music set at Christmas time, starring Winnie Cooper as a new governess who falls in love with the super hot single dad monarch.
  8. A Christmas Detour (Hallmark)
    DJ Tanner is rushing home for the holidays to meet her lame, rich fiancé' parents, but gets stuck in a snowstorm... with a super hot single guy... and they fall in love, naturally.
  9. 12 Gifts of Christmas (Hallmark)
    Struggling artist takes on the role of personal shopper for a (super dreamy, single) ad exec who doesn't have time for his family at the holidays. She changes that, and they fall in love, but will he take advantage of her art to land a big account?
  10. Charming Christmas (Hallmark)
    Julie Benz is the business-minded heir of a department store, forced to play Mrs. Claus alongside Nick, a cute, single guy with lots of Christmas cheer. There are some side stories about the employees — a former dancer; a struggling single mom — which just confused me because they cast lookalikes in the roles.
  11. Last Chance for Christmas (Lifetime)
    After Prancer fractures his hoof, a cute reindeer wrangler travels to Alaska where Hilarie Burton owns a (struggling) reindeer ranch. He helps her save the property, and of course, they fall in love.
  12. Angel of Christmas (Hallmark)
    A journalist (with no time for love) writing a story on her great grandfather's long, lost love meets a super hot single artist who helps her find her Christmas spirit... And there's a big twist at the end!
  13. Christmas Incorporated (Hallmark)
    Cute girl mistakenly given job as assistant to the handsome, single heir of a big toy company looking to establish himself to shareholders. They travel together to a small town to close (or save?!) a factory... at Christmas time of course. And they fall each other, of course.
  14. Northpole: Open for Christmas (Hallmark)
    Aunt Becky inherits a Vermot inn with Dermot Mulroney as the hot, single handyman. Unbeknownst to her, the inn is one of Santa's stations and elves are sent from the North Pole to thwart her plans to sell.
  15. The Spirt of Christmas (Lifetime)
    Pretty, single lawyer trying to get an inn appraised learns it is haunted 12 days a year by a smoking hot ghost from the 1920s. To free him of his curse, she has to solve his murder. And of course, they fall in love.
  16. Wish Upon a Christmas (Lifetime)
    Alex Mack is sent back to her hometown to cut jobs at a Christmas ornament factory, which happens to be run by her high school boyfriend, Shawn Ashmore's twin brother Aaron (who is also an actor, apparently). She saves the factory and they fall in love of course, but there's also a subplot about his kid and Santa Claus, and frequent phone calls to her dad Mr. Seaver.
  17. Once Upon a Holiday (Hallmark)
    Princess comes to NYC and slips away from her family for some time to herself. Quickly falls in love with a dreamy, single architect. She hides her true identity from him, dodges her bodyguards and evades a nosy reporter looking for the runaway princess (who happens to be the architects's sister's BF).
  18. I'm Not Ready for Christmas (Hallmark)
    Basically Liar Liar with a holiday theme. Alicia Witt is an ad exec that neglects her sister and niece until a Christmas wish forces her to tell the truth all the time. Her honesty might cost her a job, but also leads her to into the arms of her niece's dreamy music teacher.
  19. A Christmas Melody (Hallmark)
    Lacey Chabert movies back to Iowa from LA with her daughter, who she encourages to join the school Christmas pageant run by the hot, single music teacher and Mariah Carey. Lacey and the music teacher fall in love, of course. Mariah is hysterically bad in it, and there's a bunch of Folgers product placement.
  20. Fir Crazy (Hallmark)
    Girl looses marketing job. Goes to work at her family's Christmas tree lot where she fights the corporate stiff trying to shut it down, finds her holiday spirit (duh) and falls in love (duh).
  21. Christmas Land (Hallmark)
    Corporate marketing exec (excuse me, brand strategy) abandons the city and her corporate lawyer boyfriend to go sell the house, tree farm and Christmas village attraction she inherited from her grandma Marsha Brady. She falls in love with the property (and the local lawyer), but still sells (wha?!) and scrambles to reverse her mistake.
  22. The Flight Before Christmas (Lifetime)
    Two travelers end up reluctantly spending Christmas together when they're cancelled flights strand them in Montana — Blossom is recently dumped, trying to get home for the holidays; Deep-voiced dreamboat is struggling in a fading long distance relationship. They fall for each other, of course. (There's also a 'Family Matters' Winslow reunion.)
  23. Just in Time for Christmas (Hallmark)
    Pretty girl travels three years into the future and gets a glimpse at what might be if she chooses her career at Yale over a marriage proposal from her cute barista boyfriend in Washington. Bonus for Christopher Lloyd talking about time travel.
  24. Family for Christmas (Hallmark)
    It's the classic holiday plot of the overworked single that wakes up with a husband and kids in the suburbs; the life she could have had. But in an unexpected twist, the marriage isn't so blissful and the kids are kind of bratty. Does she stick with her college boyfriend (now husband) and kids, or choose her career (and why can't she gave both?), or TWIST — does she even have a choice at all?! Bonus points for the adorable dog, Toby.
  25. Window Wonderland (Hallmark)
    Coworkers compete for the head window designer position at a department store. One (Chyler Leigh) is ambitious and embarrassed by her humble upbringing (her mom is the bathroom attendant). The other is a lovable aspiring artist, in a big twist you find is living in the department store. It doesn't even matter if they fall in love (which they do, of course) because this plot is actually kind of interesting.