1. Andrew Clements
    No Talking, Things Not Seen, Frindle
  2. Beverly Clearly
    I actually discovered Andrew Clements when searching the C section in my elementary school library for Beverly Cleary and picking up one of his by mistake. I of course read the classics (the Ramona Series, Ralph S. Mouse) and also loved the lesser known novels, like Muggie Maggie, Strider, and Socks.
  3. Ann M. Martin
    The Baby-sitter's club, The Doll People
  4. Roald Dahl
    I think Roald Dahl has to be included on every child's list of favorite authors.
  5. Judy Blume
    Again, iconic author, whose young adult works I often wondered into at too young an age.
  6. Lauren Myracle
    In my middle school "trashier" phase, I devoured The Winnie Years and Internet Girls series.
  7. Jen Calonita
    Secrets of My Hollywood Life, Sleepaway Girls, Reality Check
  8. Lois Lowry
    The Giver series, Number the Stars
  9. Meg Cabot
    The Princess Diaries may never have lived up to the film for me, but I enjoyed All American Girl, Teen Idol, and, when a little older, the Heather Wells series.