Basically just all of the rom-coms.
  1. The Proposal
  2. How to Lose A Guy In Ten Days
  3. 27 Dresses
  4. When Harry Met Sally
    2000's rom-coms are my preference but I will include some of the OG older ones out of respect.
  5. 10 Things I Hate About You
  6. Clueless
  7. Raising Helen
    Not sure if this is actually a rom-com, but it's on here.
  8. You've Got Mail
    Yeah I know this is on here but not Sleepless in Seattle, deal with it.
  9. Notting Hill
    Anything with Julia Roberts and/or Hugh Grant is automatically great.
  10. Bridget Jones's Diary
  11. Love Actually
    Any of these holiday-themed, multiple storyline movies and I'm all over it.
  12. Valentine's Day
  13. New Year's Eve
  14. Music and Lyrics
  15. Pretty Woman
  16. 13 Going On 30
  17. No Strings Attached
  18. Friends With Benefits