As requested by @swimsterx, here are my top favorite NYC boroughs...RANKED!
  1. Manhattan
    Kinda cliché to pick first, but what is there not to love? Great restaurants, excellent shopping, the sites, the atmosphere. The hustle and bustle vibe gets me pumped every day.
  2. Queens
    Love this borough. Won't lie, I judged when I first moved here. It's really become my go to borough. Some great, underrated restaurants reside in places like Astoria, Jackson Heights and Forrest Hills. This borough is quick and easy to get to from Manhattan, yet has a special "urban suburban" feel.
  3. Brooklyn
    I like Brooklyn, but I'm just not in love with it. Don't get me wrong, there are great restaurants, bars and sites to see. And trust me, I've spent plenty of time in Williamsburg and Dumbo. I have the tendency to get lost every time I make my way to BK. Perhaps one day I'll get the hang of it.
  4. The Other Two
    Ok, so I'm combining the Bronx and Staten Island together. I have nothing against these boroughs. They're just bland for me. I mean, they're kinda far to get to. I really need to explore them more.