My mornings tend to start off in many different ways... But today's beginning was more than ideal.
  1. I woke up before my alarm
    Being forced to wake up from an annoying repetitive ring seems like a shitty way to start the day. As a young professional, it's a sign of lacking sleep and having a poor sleeping schedule due to trying to have a life out of work. What made this morning great is that I woke up because I had enough rest and an outside force did not abruptly interrupt my rest.
  2. Had enough time to make coffee before my first appointment
    A nice slow drip cup of joe is always a nice start to the day. It's rare that I have enough time after I wake up to make coffee for myself before walking out the door.
  3. My heater was on
    When you're bundled up and warm in bed on a cold morning the last thing you'd want to do is get out and be productive. But with my heater on, it wasn't hard to get up. Instead of trying to escape the cold air by engulfing myself in my comforter I was able to get up without worrying about the deathly-back-chilling-air that tends to consume my household around this time of the year.
  4. The internet wasn't working
    Oddly enough, people would see this as a bad start to the day. I knew from the night before that our internet wasn't working, because of this I was able to stay away from checking my emails and checking what people are up to on the different mediums of social media. It was nice having "alone" time.
  5. My favorite pair of denim were done air drying
    After a nice soak, my 3Sixteen ST-120s were ready to be worn for another month or so before the next soak. They fit so well and they're aging even better.