1. It's okay to forget.
  2. It's okay to act your age.
  3. Never think of anyone as something more than human.
  4. Not everyone has the same heart or mind as you
  5. It's good to be alone.
  6. It's good to not be alone.
  7. Spontaneity is terrifying and amazing but there is nothing wrong with planned beauty.
  8. Everyone has something going on. Constantly.
  9. Don't live your life chasing after "moments".
  10. You are whole. The notion that you need someone to complete you is, frankly, ridiculous.
  11. There is nothing that you are required to be.
  12. Time moves so fast.
  13. Memories aren't people.
  14. You aren't exactly who you were five minutes ago.
  15. It's okay to be what people expect. You're a person not a puzzle.
  16. You cannot account for human error
  17. Whether you like it or not, you have an affect on people's lives. They will notice when you're not there.