Here are the most outlandish things ever published about the Kardashians:
  1. This one I actually picked up at a store... So many unanswered questions
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  2. **bonus: according to this article, apparently Kim cheated on Kris Jenner!
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  3. 🍑🍑
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  4. Kanye west is gay now, apparently? And has a secret lover?
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  5. Um, isn't this incest kind of? Jusstttt saying
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  6. No props to the New York post for coming up with this "punny" headline
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  7. This article is probably the one I truly wish I could read. So many issues with this one, but the biggest problem is that she does not look like Kim whatsoever
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  8. Idk man, this one's just offensive
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  9. As far as I know, Khloe Kardashian never had a baby
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