Here are the most outlandish things ever published about the Kardashians:
  1. This one I actually picked up at a store... So many unanswered questions
  2. **bonus: according to this article, apparently Kim cheated on Kris Jenner!
  3. 🍑🍑
  4. Kanye west is gay now, apparently? And has a secret lover?
  5. Um, isn't this incest kind of? Jusstttt saying
  6. No props to the New York post for coming up with this "punny" headline
  7. This article is probably the one I truly wish I could read. So many issues with this one, but the biggest problem is that she does not look like Kim whatsoever
  8. Idk man, this one's just offensive
  9. As far as I know, Khloe Kardashian never had a baby