Layover life
  1. (5:30am) wake up earlier than planned because time zones are the worst
  2. (9am) walk to a coffee shop
    Iced latte & a farmers cheese turnover. $8.25
  3. (10am) walk to the GG bridge
  4. (11am) uber back to your hotel
    because you are NOT walking 4 miles uphill nope nope nope. ($5.89)
  5. Walk to trader joes to buy the essentials
    Toothbrush, rosé, chocolate, and a salad for lunch. ($14.06)
  6. Gilmore Girls & nap in your hotel room
    Also, realize you don't have to work for 10 hours and can therefore legally drink half the bottle of rosé
  7. (6:30pm) wake up from your nap
  8. Buy dinner at whole foods
  9. (8pm) Get ready for work
  10. (10pm - 7:45am east coast) WORK A REDEYE