things i used to dislike but currently like

because change is cool sometimes
  1. Coffee
    I started drinking coffee when I was 22, couldn't stand the taste prior to that and it was a VERY slippery slope once I decided I liked it.
  2. Frank Sinatra
    My mom used to listen to Frank Sinatra and I thought it was soooooo boring.
  3. Kale
    I still don't enjoy raw kale, but cooked kale is one of my favorite foods now
  4. The Office
    When the office was first on tv I didn't understand how anybody enjoyed it. Now I'm ashamed I ever thought that. (sorry, @bjnovak & @mindy)
  5. Hiking
    hiking was among my least favorite activities as a child but now I love it!
  6. Adam Driver
    Mostly because I really didn't care for his character in the first season of @girlshbo. He grew on me though.
  7. Dogs
    This one is SHOCKING because I'm absolutely obsessed with dogs now but I was terrified of them as a child