Below are some choice (for meaning and/or aesthetic/phonetic quality) words and the definitions that make me happy to know them.
  1. serendipitous – adj. obtained or characterized by the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for
  2. vista – n. a mental view of a succession of remembered or anticipated events
  3. palpable – adj. easily perceptible by the mind, manifest
  4. concha – n. something shaped like a shell, especially the largest and deepest con cavity of the external ear
  5. gault – n. a heavy thick clay soil
  6. frenetic – adj. frenzied, frantic
  7. prill – vt. to convert (as a molten solid) into spherical pellets usually by forming drops in a spray and allowing the drops to solidify
  8. dinkey – n. a small locomotive
  9. brace – n. something that arouses energy or strengthens morale
  10. gallimaufry – n. hodgepodge
  11. ribald – adj. crude, offensive
  12. teff – n. an economically important Ethiopian annual cereal grass grown for its grain which yields a white flour and as a forage and hay crop
  13. solfatara – n. a volcanic area or vent that yields only hit vapors and sulfurous gases
  14. pennycress – n. a Eurasian cruciferous herb with round flat pods that is widely naturalized in the New World
  15. conical – adj. resembling a cone especially in shape
  16. tawpie – n. a foolish or awkward young person