The late Glenn Frey said, "Somebody once told me, 'People didn't just listen to The Eagles, they did things to The Eagles.'...People broke up with their girlfriends. People quit their jobs or changed their lives. They did things to The Eagles." These are things you can do to The Eagles. Add more, whether they're peaceful, easy, or otherwise.
  1. Sing way too high for comfort...way to high for comfort
  2. Make a mix cd for use while courting a girl ten years your senior
  3. Use as ironical inspiration while racking up headshots in Grand Theft Auto V
  4. Question what "riding fences" means
  5. Defend your choice of putting an Eagles record on the hi-fi to naysayers at a house party
  6. Snowboard with it harmonizing through your earbuds; tell your buddies you're blasting Cannibal Corpse
  7. Bond with your mom as she reminisces about music venues in the 1970s
  8. See how long your hair and how denim your wardrobe can grow
  9. Taunt rodeo clowns at a state farm show
  10. Get blankly stared at by peers while flawlessly nailing pitch and lyrics at college town karaoke nights