I'm sure I'd find an unproductive way to spend the new time I'd have if I could ever remedy these time drains out of my life, but recognizing their existence is the first step.
  1. Netflix/Amazon Video menus
    There's a name for this sort of run around we play with ourselves. It's called if you find yourself aimlessly browsing your streaming options for more than three minutes, get away from your screen and go read a book.
  2. Dial-up connections
    Not only getting online, but loading webpages with more than one picture. Remember how long that would take?
  3. Composing snapchat messages
    They'll disappear before too long and if the person you're chatting has their notifications on they'll know it's taken you five minutes to come up with "haha." Don't over think it, Shakespeare. It's only Snapchat.
  4. Getting dressed
    I swear that sometimes when it comes to deciding what to wear I involuntarily channel the subconscious and confidence of a preteen and take forever in my choices. I've gotten better, but it's been a challenge.
  5. Looking for usernames and passwords I know I wrote down somewhere, but have lost because I literally never need to sign in to whatever account it I'm trying to sign into and still manage to lose the login credentials for the next time after going though that whole process.
    What good's the "forgot my password" feature if you can't get into the email account it's got on file? Wahhh.
  6. Checking movie showtimes consecutive days in a row, at the beginning of the week, in the beginning of the year.
    You didn't want to see Batman vs. Superman back in March, you're not going to want to see it now. Can it be decent movie season yet?