Things to do before you hear that whistle
  1. Organize spice rack
  2. Work on grocery list
  3. Check expiration dates on refrigerated perishables
  4. Try to recall dreams you had the night before
  5. Pour a bowl of cereal
  6. Do heel lifts
  7. Check the weather
  8. Peel an orange
  9. Lay out a plate of biscuits
  10. Provide fresh water for your live-in animal friends aka pets
  11. Decide on your choice of tea
  12. Decide on your choice of oatmeal
  13. Eat a spoonful of raw hot chocolate mix
  14. Catalogue your coffee mugs
  15. Dust the tops of kitchen appliances; i.e. refrigerator, microwave, blender
  16. Think about calling your aunt who got you this particular red tea kettle from your wedding registry
  17. Start a list of songs that have whistling in them