I am Canadian but I have lived in America since 2006 so I feel like I have a pretty good handle on you guys.
  1. Boston
    Every girl from Boston is tough and cool and every guy from Boston is funny and hot.
  2. Chicago
    Almost 88 percent of my friends are from Chicago - very high. People from Chicago are nice, have their shit together, are confident and funny.
  3. New york
    Lower on the list only because I don't know a ton of people originally from NY but everyone who lives there now is the best, period.
  4. Portland/San Fran
    I can tell someone is from these cities from a mile away. They are always the coolest person in the room without being annoying about it. They all have great skin. They all possess a very specific, pointless skill. Also usually the most stylish people.
  5. Detroit
    People from Detroit(/Michigan I guess?) always have the best taste in film/tv.
  6. Honorable mentions
    New Mexico.