I've taken a lot of "boutique fitness classes", so now I know what the bare minimum requirements are to make it "worth it" so that I don't feel like I wasted 20-40 (!!!!) dollars on this class.
  1. Lockers with self locking mechanisms.
    Bring a lock?! In 2015?! Hell to the no!
  2. Helpful front desk person
    They have to tell me where the lockers and bathrooms and water fountain are. They don't even have to be THAT nice (it's NYC after all) but there must be a proffer of information!
  3. Towels -- at no extra cost!!!
  4. Flawless sound system
    I want to be able to hear the instructor and the instructors's Robyn Megamix equally!
  5. Filtered water system
    I'm not convinced this isn't a scam that sprouts the same ol' shit water coming out of every pipe in NYC but it's still enjoyable
  6. Shower opportunity