All things are cyclical and I am the amazing Kreskin.
  1. Camp
    There are only so many seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race and ultra realistic shit is getting to be 2 much 2 bear. We need some glamah up in this b
  2. Goofs
    Too many serious-ass "deep" superhero movies. Ant-man and Deadpool are gonna benefit from this, and maybe the new Spider-Man if they're smart with it.
  3. Andrew Dice Clay redux
    Call-out culture, PC police and SJWs are in full swing. That means that some majorly "offensive" and "envelope pushing" comedian (maybe movie character?) will come along and blow the roof off by being SO purposefully insulting and controversial and people are gonna lap. It. Up.
  4. Edited to add: real heroes, not anti heroes
    More Poldark, less Walt poisoning that kid