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Comedy, Drama, reality and mini series
  1. 15. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    The whole thing can be a little annoying Taylor Swift stalkery, however the songs are hilarious. I hope this one lives to see another season.
  2. 14. Fargo
    This will be closer to the top of a litigator people's lists. I actually preferred season 1 and some of this was out there. I loved performances by Bokeem Woodbine, Jean Smart and especially Kirsten Dunst.
  3. 13. Jane the Virgin
    This great ensemble continues to charm in Season 2. The show has even more heart this season.
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This is not to be confused with my favorite musicals of all time. To qualify the show had to have three or more strong sing a long songs. Jukebox musicals like Mamma Mia and American Idiot and musicals based on musical movies like Beauty and the Beast and Grease are not eligible.
  1. 20 Guys and Dolls
    Three best singalong songs: Sit Down You're Rockin the Boat, Adelaide's Lament, I've never been in love before.
  2. 19. The Sound of Music
    One of the most overrated musicals of all time. But it has some good songs: Edelweiss, Climb Every Mountain, and My Favorite Things
  3. 18. Hairspray
    Good Morning Baltimore, You Can't Soo the Beat, I Can Hear the Bells.
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The 1970s and the 1980s were the best years so far for horror but the past 25 years has brought us some pretty great horror movies. These are listed in alphabetical order.
  1. The Blair Witch Project
    The beginning of the found footage trend and still the very best of the subgenre
  2. The Conjuring
    I'm not a big fan of ghost horror. Im rarely scared of it. But this one is so well done and a bit terrifying.
  3. Frailty
    Nothing is scarier than people who commit evil in the name of God.
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  1. 12. Something There-Beauty and the Beast
    Short but very sweet. It's the moment Belle falls for the Beast
  2. 11. A Whole New World- Aladdin
    I think it's probably one of Disney's most overrated films, but this is definitely a great song.
  3. 10. God Help the Outcasts- The Hunchback of Notre Dame
    From one of Disney's overrated to one of its most underrated. I love Bette Midler's version
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