The 1970s and the 1980s were the best years so far for horror but the past 25 years has brought us some pretty great horror movies. These are listed in alphabetical order.
  1. The Blair Witch Project
    The beginning of the found footage trend and still the very best of the subgenre
  2. The Conjuring
    I'm not a big fan of ghost horror. Im rarely scared of it. But this one is so well done and a bit terrifying.
  3. Frailty
    Nothing is scarier than people who commit evil in the name of God.
  4. Goodnight Mommy
    A cautionary tale against plastic surgery and having children.
  5. Haute Tension
    A nearly perfect slasher film. Except that one scene that doesn't make much sense once the killer is revealed. If you've seen it, you know.
  6. It Follows
    One of the best films of 2015. Hopefully, it brings on the next wave of great horror films.
  7. Let the Right One in
    I'm generally not a vampire film fan, but this one is just so great.
  8. Misery
    Kathy Bates is one of horror's classic villains in the rare excellent Stephen King adaptation.
  9. The Others
    Scary children and frail Pre over Botoxed Nicole Kidman made for a spooky film.
  10. Paranormal Activity
    Blair Witch is the king of found footage and this its queen. The sequels not so much
  11. Saw
    Each sequel was worse and worse but the first one was clever, scary and had a great final twist.
  12. Scream
    The beginning of self referential horror. But this one actually had scares along with the laughs. Especially in that classic beginning scene.
  13. The Silence of the Lambs
    The king of this era. It deserved all of those Oscars.
  14. Wolf Creek
    "based" on a true story. If you're going to travel, don't go into the wilderness!
  15. You're next
    The best of the home invasion subgenre.