Comedy, Drama, reality and mini series
  1. 15. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    The whole thing can be a little annoying Taylor Swift stalkery, however the songs are hilarious. I hope this one lives to see another season.
  2. 14. Fargo
    This will be closer to the top of a litigator people's lists. I actually preferred season 1 and some of this was out there. I loved performances by Bokeem Woodbine, Jean Smart and especially Kirsten Dunst.
  3. 13. Jane the Virgin
    This great ensemble continues to charm in Season 2. The show has even more heart this season.
  4. 12. Parks and Recreation
    The Amy Poehler classic was a little uneven in its final time jumping season, but the series finale was perfect.
  5. 11. Looking
    One of the most honest portrayals of gay men on television was cancelled too soon. Luckily we have a HBO movie finale to look forward to in 2016.
  6. 10. Mad Men
    The final season was a bit uneven but the last few episodes gave many of the characters resolution if not a happily ever after. Jon Hamm finally won a well deserved Emmy for one of TV's iconic characters.
  7. 9. Empire
    The show lost its way a bit at the beginning of Season 2, but brought it back before the mid season finale. But in the first half of the year there was not a show that was more talked about. It deserved all the hype.
  8. 8. blackish
    blackish was very funny in season 1, but it came back in season 2 with something to say. It took on church and the n word, and it always did it in a funny way. The season finale is forgiven!
  9. 7. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    It had lots of heart, but also nothing was off limits in the name of funny. I can't wait to watch season 2 with some Peeno Noir.
  10. 6. The Affair
    Season 1 was more a relationship drama, but season 2 was more of a heavy plotted soap opera and there isn't any shame in that.
  11. 5. Survivor Cambodia-Second Chance
    Perhaps you have up on Survivor long ago. That's too bad because this season was the best season since the first season.
  12. 4. Unreal
    Lifetime made an excellent show that was both a scathing look at realty television and respectful soap opera
  13. 3. Transparent
    The best show of 2014 was still amazing, but I personally could've used more Maura and less of her f$&@ up kids. Fortunately , there was also more Judith Light.
  14. 2. Getting On
    This is one of HBO's lesser noticed shows. It is based on a British comedy about a geriatric hospital. Alex Borstein, Niecy Nash and Laurie Metcalf were comic and dramatic gold. Sadly season 3 was the last. Long live Varla!
  15. 1. Please Like Me
    The best show on television is an Australian show on a channel called Pivot that most people don't even know they have. Season 1 was entertaining, season 2 was a bit dark but uneven, but this year season 3 was closest thing to television perfect. It does an amazing job of showing what it's like to be in your 20s and what it's like to be human.