I've loved so many but these are the ones I actually had as part of my family
  1. Callie- a calico kitten that was born with water on the brain
  2. Spooky- black cat we had for a long time
  3. Katrina- Another calico cat we had for a long time
  4. Benji- a blonde little mutt. So timid and sweet
  5. Mitzi- a black and white Lhasa Apso, mean bossy little thing
  6. Nala - a mixed breed puppy that had parvovirus and we only had 3 days
  7. Dakota Lynn- my sweet golden retriever, she lived until 11
  8. Elvira - my sweet black cat, she is 12
  9. Monkey- My sweet feral turned domestic sorta black cat with a tiny spot of white on her chest
  10. Jersey- my gorgeous inherited 90lb golden retriever that is 3 yrs old