This will probably be my last trip to DC for a very long time, so I decided to eat as much food as possible in the span of two days. Here's (almost) all the places I went and most of the food I ate, after which I gained five pounds.
  1. Amsterdam Falafelshop
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    Best falafel ever. I could probably eat this every day.
  2. Pho 75
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    Cheap and good.
  3. District Taco
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    Remembered to take a photo after I finished the taco and chips and queso.
  4. Rasika
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    I dreamed of this palak chaat (fried spinach) for years after I first tasted it.
  5. More Rasika
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    The black cod is the best fish I've ever had.
  6. Pitango Gelato
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    Can't go wrong with pistachio.
  7. More Rasika to go.
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    That's supposed to be chicken tikka masala.
  8. Mark's Duck House
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    Dim sum. Turnip cakes were especially yummy.
  9. China Boy
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    Hole in the wall place for beef chow fun.
  10. Acadiana
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    Biscuits with pepper jelly and cream cheese.
  11. Matchbox
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    The Fire and Smoke is some of the best pizza I've ever had.
  12. And a special mention to Le Diplomate, where you can never have a bad meal.