Good in the morning
  1. Bananas
    4th best penis shaped food
  2. Eggs
    Makes me feel like a dinosaur
  3. Fruit
    Sweet nectar
  4. Potato
  5. Yogurt
    Nobody really loves yogurt but we eat it
  6. Bagels
    With cream cheese tomato and onion. I also fuck with cinnamon raisin
  7. Water
    H 2 the izoo
  8. Toast
    Grandmas style
  9. Bacon
    Salty savory strips of heart attack
  10. Pancakes
    It's like dessert for breakfast. Waffles and crepes and Danishes=tight
  11. Cold pizza
    Stretching every slice out of that 3 am purchase
  12. Cereal
    "Oh's" are my jam if you have not tried them I recommend 100%
  13. Sausage biscuits and gravy
    Southern hospitality by ludacris
  14. Grits
  15. Cheese eggs
    Cheese eggs are god