Based on state, local, and federal drills, here's some advice and facts about a potential nuclear terrorist attack.
  1. If you're living in a potential target area, and you see a bright flash outside, duck and cover.
  2. If you go to the window to see what's happening, you'll get hit when the blast wave blows out the window glass.
  3. Then, go to shelter like you would in a tornado.
  4. Stay in, stay safe. Wait for instructions.
  5. The greatest danger passes in 6 to 24 hours as fallout's radioactivity dwindles "You can't outrun a fallout cloud, and fatalities from fallout are 100% preventable."
  6. If you can get into an underground parking garage or the core of an office building, you'd have no significant exposure at all.
  7. "Don't bother to dial 911," says John Fernandes, director of L.A. County's division of emergency management. "Most likely you're not going to have 911. The cell towers are going down."
  8. Bystanders miles away would witness a 100-mph fireball shooting five miles into the sky.
  9. Hyper explosive pressures and 900-mph winds would level buildings for half a mile.
  10. Flash-blind drivers 10 miles away would crash, blocking evacuation routes.
  11. There would be at least 1,000 severely injured trauma patients for every available operating room.
  12. Survivors aren't victims, they're rescuers.