because if I had one, she'd no doubt be epic.
  1. Clean my house, or find someone capable of doing this on the regular-minus complaints.
  2. Schedule my dental, medical & all other hygiene appointments for me and the kid. The day of each she'd pick us up with a soy caramel latte in hand.
    I would be forced to sit in the back seat. Because: naps.
  3. Organize my sock basket.
  4. Sort through my books, donate 59% and sell the 10% of duplicates.
  5. Paint my bedroom a bright orange, pink or something minty.
  6. Grocery shop twice a week. Because: fresh produce!
  7. Supervision of the kiddo whilst he swims with the neighbors.
  8. Scan my 401k once a month to ensure that stuff is on par.
  9. Do a cost analysis of Amazon Prime. With an assistant does one really, really need toilet paper delivered to the house? 😂
  10. Run my yarn business
  11. Give me an envelope each week with cash.
  12. Get my car washed, serviced and fueled often.
  13. Periodically check my 401k to make sure it's growing.
  14. Open that college savings account for the kid and contribute.
  15. Pay the bills. Omg.
  16. Fold clothes. Because I'm not that interested in that.