these may or may not happen.... you know how resolutions go. but I'll give them all a try.
  1. Travel to many new places
    Alaska, Tucson, Painted Dessert, and Canyon Lands are already on the list. I want Yellow stone, Grand Teton, Painted Desert, Antelope Canyon, and a few other major parks on there too.
  2. Increase my hiking and hike some local and far away trails that are new.
    Maybe add at least 5 new local hikes and 5 new far away hikes.
  3. Lose 15 lbs
    It's time to get this baby weight off once and for all... I'd like to put on a decent amount of muscle too.
  4. Read my bible more
    I was in a great habit of reading in the morning before the littlest monster was born... Time to make that my routine again.
  5. Complete more projects
    Crochet, quilt, make something with wood, stain furniture.... Anything to be creative.
  6. Stress less
    I don't handle stress well, and my body shows it. I need to meditate more, be peaceful and take everything in stride. Lather myself in lavender oil and breathe...
  7. Go out more
    I'm hanging on to youth by a thread.... I need to get a baby sitter more and enjoy it while I can.