This is an amazing documentary from the History Channel. I've learned some things...
  1. America is awesome, all other countries are inferior.
    Ok, other countries are ok... Especially to travel to. But I could never imagine living anywhere else.
  2. Early Americans were bad ass
    Seriously, they were all amazing in their perseverance, determination, sacrifice, work ethic, and drive. #respect
  3. Current Americans suck
    The entitlement, laziness, bad principles, lack of ambition, all make the current population of this great nation a giant disappointment after watching this series. I fear for our country's future. But we will make it.... Cause again....America is awesome.
  4. Inventors are crazy cool.
    Who thinks to make something where there was nothing?! The light bulb, barbed wire, telegraph, steam engines, dig a water way... These people are what made this country progress.
  5. Anyone that volunteers to fight for our country knowing they might definitely die deserves more respect than what we can possibly give.
    Our early existence as a country was filled with war. People were honored to fight and die for something they believed in. Wow. I couldn't do that.... Not many today can.
  6. I love this country and want to keep it awesome.
    Let's bring back our patriotism, our drive, our fight. I want to forget all the petty crap we've created just to have something to worry about. Let's worry about real things and humanity.