1. Election
    I mean, who isn't sick of hearing anything to do with this election?
  2. Vote
    Not the same as above. I hate people telling others they have to vote. Like Mike Rowe said, just because it's a right, doesn't mean it's an obligation. You're not going to tell everyone to own a gun because you can... You need to be educated to vote.
  3. Toxins
    Just because it's not made directly from the earth doesn't mean it's toxic...
  4. Gluten
    Gluten sensitivities and allergies are real. You're not healthier or better for going gluten free when you don't have to.
  5. Breastfeeding
    Ok. I'm a HUGE fan of the practice and definitely encourage it to every mother that can... But can't we just call it nursing?
  6. Well
    Ok, this is just for my daughter who has recently found out she has an opinion... She uses this word to insert her opposing thoughts and it makes me want to scream.
  7. Essential
    As in oils. Yes, I use them. But I hate using that word... Sounds pretentious.
  8. Warm
    As in, the weather man... Yes it's warm... It's Phoenix.... Please give me fall, I'm sick of weather above 90. I need to open my windows.
  9. Selfie
    I'm guilty of taking very few ( mostly with my kids) but I hate when people say, "let's take a selfie!" it's a freaking picture... Just say picture...
  10. Natural
    This goes along with toxins. I like using more natural products, but anymore companies don't seem to know what that means and they put things not directly from the earth in their "natural" products. This confuses the public. I wish we could stop using that word and find new ones to better represent what we are getting...also, using things that are "natural" doesn't make you a better person or necessarily healthier... Organic could also fit in this spot.