I love books 📚📚
  1. The Mistress of France by Emma Boling
    A great summer read to start the year off! It's about Diane De Poitiers and the future King Henri of Francs
  2. 11.22.63 by Steven King
    I started watching the TV show with my dad, he jumped ahead of me. But I'm not even mad being its such a great adventure.
  3. Mislaid by Nell Zink
    A great read about a married couple (the husband self-identifies as gay, and the wife self-identifies as lesbian) that separate and their two kids live their lives apart.
  4. Mother Can You Not by Kate Seigel
    I'm a big fan of the Instagram account @crazyjewishmom! I love reading about people's lives. Kate delivers the story of her and her mother in such an engaging way. Can definitely she parallels with the relationship with my mother.
  5. Deep Blue Sea by Tasmina Perry
    Very good, once I got into it
  6. Heiresses by Lulu Taylor
    Suspend belief and take the journey
  7. The Forth Estate by Jeffery Archer
    I apparently gave this to Dad for Father's Day 1996. I say apparently because Father's Day 1996 was a week before I turned 1. Infant Dannie had great taste in books.
  8. Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick
    Probably one of my favourite genre of books. Anna's personality really shone through the pages and I now consider her a dear mate. Catch up soon babe xx