These will probably all be romantic comedies
  1. Notting Hill
    Hugh Grant 🙌🏻 Julia Roberts🙌🏻
  2. Pretty Woman
    That "big mistake" moment is iconic!
  3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    Non-Stop laughs
  4. High School Musical
    I'm a millennial (sue me)
  5. Shrek
    The most romantic of all comedies.
  6. Pride and Prejudice
    Jane Austen freak over here!
  7. Sense and Sensibility (1995)
    Same reason as above. Also Hugh Grant 🙌🏻 Alan Rickman🙌🏻
  8. Love Actually
    Basically the whole cast 🙌🏻 (yes I'm in love with Hugh Grant and also my birthday buddy, Colin Firth)