I'm still growing up and I think I always will be.
  1. Actress
    I was a cocky six year old who thought that Hollywood was calling her name.
  2. Lawyer
    The clothes lawyers wore on TV looked spiffy and I like the idea of having a lot of books in an office, but then I decided it would be too much hard word.
  3. Forensic Scientist
    But I was pretty bad at science, do that dream quickly died.
  4. Nurse
    Only because I watched a lot of hospital soaps for a time when I was twelve.
  5. Actress
    Whilst having all these other career fantasies I also wanted to be an actress whose character was these jobs. The dream stopped when I was like sixteen and I decided that I wanted to run the shows!
  6. Pastor
    I love Jesus but my passive aggressiveness probably doesn't make me a good fit.
  7. Television Writer
    I wanted to be like Mindy Kaling or Tina Fey, but the networks are currently only producing reality TV and my country hasn't embraced the sitcom.
  8. PR Professional
    So hopefully this will be my major as next year. In all honesty, I was inspired by the BBC Shoe "Thick of it".