These list items all share a certain view of LA - proud, defiant, uniquely American.
  1. Greater Los Angeles, BLDG BLOG I reference this essay all the time.
  2. LA Lights I love the dense, neon, romantic Hong Kong of Wong Kar-Wai films. Until LA gets its own Wong Kar-Wai, this will suffice.
  3. Magnolia
    Basically the BLDG BLOG essay as a film.
  4. The food writing of Jonathan Gold
    The first restaurant critic to win the Pulitzer. He won while at LA Weekly, but now he is at the LA Times. A champion of my favorite type of restaurant, which LA is king of, the cheap strip mall ethnic joint.
  5. The food of Roy Choi
    His ouevre encapsulates the best of LA - diverse, brash, populist