Because I love them and I feel smart for having purchased them.
  1. Tuft & Needle mattress
    Free shipping, free returns, great price, and I sleep great on it. And I didn't have to go into a mattress store.
  2. Sodastream
    I'm one of those people who uses their Sodastream every single day. If you like seltzer water and you hate producing tons of waste, get a Sodastream.
  3. MSG
    I never understood the stigma against MSG. There is little to no hard evidence that it's bad for you. And it makes food taste amazing. I sprinkle a little MSG on half the stuff I cook. Or I put it on leftover takeout to zhuzh it up. So good.
  4. Black and Decker home air compressor
    Buy one of these and you'll never have to go to a gas station when that annoying tire light comes on.
  5. Victorinox Fibrox chef's knife
    My favorite kind of item: cheaper and better than 90% of its competitors. I cook all the time and this knife has served me more than well for at least 5 years.
  6. Aeropress
    I don't drink coffee but my wife does. An aeropress costs thirty bucks and makes great coffee (or so I'm told). Plus it's super nerdy.